Carol Abbott

Happy, Vibrant Colors

Carol Abbott is known for her happy, vibrant colors when painting architectural subjects in landscape settings. She began creating artwork as soon as she was old enough to hold a crayon and started painting in oils with the Findlay (Ohio) Art League at age ten. Carol earned her degree in Fine Arts from Indiana University in Bloomington and then spent many years in the computer graphics and printing industries before painting professionally.

Knowledge gained in that journey still informs her work today. For example, instead of a blank canvas, her acrylic paintings always begin with a carefully selected color as an undercoating that she paints over using imprimatura. It’s not uncommon to see vivid red, turquoise, pink or purple as her starting point.  Carol’s preferred medium is acrylics because they offer her the benefits of watercolor’s transparency with the opacity of oils for making changes. This gives her the freedom to paint instinctively and emotionally without envisioning how a piece will look when completed. Some of her paintings are finished in oils. People often say It looks happy or I like the happy colors when they see her work. She feels blessed by what she does because art is a means of communication between people that speaks beyond words or gestures about things that transcend those languages and even the boundaries of one human lifetime.

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